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About the company 
Team uStation AB is one of Sweden's probably most known Independent Software Developers. The company was founded in 1990 with its site in Stockholm (by the way, an unforgettable capital of Sweden). In 1995 the company has changed its name from CAD Perfect Development Lab to Team uStation in order to emphasize our primary focus on MicroStation CAD platform. Ever since all of us at Team uStation AB have been dedicated to breaking new grounds by heavily customizing MicroStation on behalf of our customers worldwide.  
We work very closely with Bentley Systems Inc. and are enrolled in the Bentley Alliance Program as a member of the Bentley Developer Network.  
We are proud to be the very first company in Scandinavia awarded by Bentley as a Gold Level Independent Software Developer  already in 1992. We are recommended as well as a 'Top-10 '-MicroStation site by: TenLinks (alas with our old name).  
Contact info is found at the end of this page.
Advanced Consulting 
We provide extensive help with MDL-programming including large projects (preferably involving 3D), database and general system design. In addition, we use our free time to support the MicroStation community on the Internet.   
Meeting Points 
The good place to meet us and fellow MicroStation users are discussion forums hosted on Bentley's server, for example MicroStation V8i groups are good places to start.  
When InfoSnap was officially introduced to the global market?
(Answer: in December 1997, as a Christmas gift for users of MicroStation 95 on DOS)
Free Stuff - MDL Gems 
PeekView V8i 
PeekView is a discrete tool which is allowing you to toggle View Display Style "on-the-fly" by simply pressing a hotkey. Pressing the same hotkey again will return you to the previous View Display Style.
This is why it is called PeekView: it peeks into another view display style while preserving your original setup. For example you can peek from Wireframe to Smooth and then return to Wireframe with the same hotkey.
Additionally, in peek mode, any view attribute can be overridden to present the peeked view exactly as you want, regardless of how the view attributes were set originally. Previous attributes will return when you are done with the peek.
In other words, PeekView always preserves all previous Display Styles for all affected views. When you peek into another Style you do it with assumed intent of returning to previous one once you are done with peeking.
But there is more, much more. Please try for yourself, it's free. If this does not measurably boost your productivity, please do tell us why.
In default configuration switching Styles is as easy as pressing Alt-keys.
All changes for current release of PeekView are discussed in these PeekView Notes and, of course, on Be Communities.
InfoSnap V8 
Instant access to element source, attributes, and data.  
With a single click of the tentative button you instantly have all the information you could wish for, right next to the cursor.  
Additionally, you can instantly make those attributes active and quickly reuse them for new elements  
You can gain full control over AccuSnap's balloon  
Perform instant navigation across reference files and DGN models  
Create context-sensitive menus popping up automatically at your cursor when needed  
Cleanup precious working area by automatically hiding or shrinking (and expanding) MicroStation dialog boxes on cursor flyover  
And more... much more.  
Enjoy the ride. 
All changes for current release of InfoSnap V8 v2.2.x are discussed in these V8 Notes, InfoSnap XM v2.2.x are discussed in these XM Notes and changes in InfoSnap V8i 2.2.x are discussed in these V8i Notes
Most recent help file can be reviewed on-line
Gem I:   InfoSnap V8 -- for MicroStation V8 series (or PowerDraft V8)  
InfoSnap V8, Release 2.2.15,
Stable release
June 24, 2010
MicroStation 2004 Edition or later, PowerDraft 2004 Edition or later (but not 8.9 XM !!! )
InfoSnap XM, Release 2.2.15,
Stable release
June 24, 2010
MicroStation XM 8.9.3 or later (but not 8.11 V8i !!! )
InfoSnap V8i, Release 2.2.17,
Stable release
May 21, 2012
MicroStation V8i or later (including SELECTseries 3)
Gem II:   PeekView V8i -- for MicroStation V8i series  
PeekView V8i, Release 1.2.5,
Stable release
May 04, 2014
MicroStation V8i or later (including SELECTseries 3)
Legacy Gem III:   InfoSnap/J v2.1d   InfoGlider/J v2.1d -- for MicroStation 95/SE/J 
InfoSnap is a transparent, background utility that gives you the whole new way to see where your Tentative Points actually go. It performs its magic regardless of whether you work in 2D or 3D.  
The DGN element information (along with other usable stuff) is gathered and displayed at cursor position, in contrast to standard MicroStation GUI that scatters bits and pieces of information all over the place.  
Equally easy is to apply this information to MicroStation active symbology, settings, etc. just by hitting a single key.  
InfoGlider is a transparent, background utility that gives you the whole new way to see the surrounding MicroStation context of your actions, by displaying information at your cursor. You should see your productivity raising right away. No kidding... 
InfoSnap V7, 2.1d
October 05, 1999
Only for MicroStation/J
InfoSnap V7, 2.1c
November 29, 1998
Only for MicroStation 95, SE
Legacy Gem IV:   RobsToys v1.0 
(by Rob Brown)  
Two things to make your accudraw experience a little merrier. Or at least a bit less annoying. 
The first is the much requested "put accudraw on hold" thing. The second is shortcut for "Rotate to Element". 
RobsToys NT
December 19, 1997
MicroStation 95, SE, Windows NT
RobsToys DOS
December 19, 1997
Only for MicroStation 95, DOS
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